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Q Can you ship Euro seats out of state?
A Yes, we ship throughout the United States

Q Do these Euro seats recline?
A. Yes, the captain's seats recline and also the 2+1 bench seat can be reclined on each individual seat

Q Can the 2nd row Euro seats be mounted facing backwards?
A Yes they can be mounted facing backwards but we need to install a fourth rail. If you have a 2+1 bench seat in the 2nd row, that may also be mounted facing backwards, but will need a fourth track.

Q Can you install a 2+1 bench in both the 2nd and 3rd row.
A. Yes

Q Can you install 2 captain's seats in the 2nd row and 2 captain's seats in the 3rd row

A  Yes, but you will need a fourth rail in the floor.

Q Are the Euro seats factory original?
A. Yes, they are OEM seats and will snap into the existing rails on the floor

Q. Can the captain's seats fold flat.
A Yes, they fold forward flat and then up and over for easy access to the third row.

Q Can the 2+1 bench seat fold flat?

A Yes. The single seat in this case will fold flat and tilt up and over for easy access to the 3rd row. The            

two seats here also fold flat and up and over, but they fold as two seats together, not individually.

Q Do you supply sliding tracks ?

A  Yes

Q Are these Euro seats brand new?

A These seats are take-out seats from brand new vehicles. Some seats may show slight scratch marks on the plastic trims that are caused during transporting.

Replace your factory bench seats with these OEM Euro seats that are much more comfortable and offer multiple seating arrangements.

For any other questions, please contact;

Premier Upfits Co.

Surinder Marwaha

VP/Gen. Mgr.

951 403 1797


Q How to install sliding tracks for Euro seats;


Title. Double Click Here.


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